10 Unbelievably Inspiring And Special Children Who Are The Ultimate Warriors

Children are capable of some of the most remarkable survival skills possible. Whether it’s beating a deadly disease, walking away from a devastating tragedy barely harmed or giving every last ounce of their strength to beating insurmountable odds, children are amazingly resilient.

Take a look at the 10 incredibly inspiring children below who have opened the world’s eyes to the strength and courage it takes to endure some of the most difficult situations and conditions ever known to mankind.

1. Ollie Trezise


Nicknamed the real-life Pinocchio, Ollie was born with an unusually large nose. After being diagnosed with encephaloceles, it was determined his brain was actually growing through a crack in his skull and into his nose. After several surgeries, Ollie is finally able to breathe through his nose and is well on his way to living a full life.

2. Isabelle Kaplan


This little cutie was born with the most luxurious full head of hair imaginable. When her mother posted a picture of her at two months on social media, it went completely viral and made her an instant star.

3. Avery Ford


When Maxxzandra Ford discovered she was unexpectedly pregnant and in her third trimester, she never expected to deliver a 14.1 pound miracle. After 18 hours of labor, Florida baby Avery stunned the world with his size and his mom stunned the world by delivering him naturally.

4. Amillia Taylor


Born at just 21 weeks, tiny Amillia Taylor was known as the world’s smallest baby. Measuring just 9.5 inches, the tiny tot had a long battle ahead of her. And although her mother fibbed that she was farther along in her pregnancy to avoid doctors terminating her pregnancy, a miracle occurred and little Amillia pulled through and survived.

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