10 Unbelievably Inspiring And Special Children Who Are The Ultimate Warriors

5. Lali Singh


Lali made headlines in 2008 after being born with two faces. Some in her village in India believed she was reincarnated as the goddess Durga and sought blessings from her. Her parents believe she is a gift from God.

6. Cyclops Baby


In 2015, a woman in Egypt gave birth to a baby with the rare condition known as cyclopia. The birth defect left the baby with only one eye and a nose and it was believed to be a result of exposure to radiation during the pregnancy.

7. Luz Milagros Veron


Born three months early, baby Luz appeared to show little sign of life so doctors declared her dead. When her parents said their final farewells to their beloved daughter in the morgue, they were astonished when she began showing signs of life. She would live another year before she would pass on.

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