10 Unbelievably Inspiring And Special Children Who Are The Ultimate Warriors

8. “The Toughest Baby In The World”


This amazingly strong seven-month-old baby girl survived being shot after her parents, Francisco Lotero and Miriam Coletti, committed a suicide pact and murdered her older brother. Her parents blamed their deaths on imminent global warming. Miraculously, the little girl was not discovered for three days but survived without food or water.

9. Nicholas And Alexander (Sons Of Christine Bolden)


After suffering a brain aneurysm while pregnant, Christine Bolden, 26, was kept alive long enough on a respirator to deliver sons Nicholas and Alexander at 25 weeks. Although they only weighed two pounds, the risky delivery paid off and the twins went on to survive.

10. Jaxon Buell


Jaxon Buell stunned the world when his parents shared his incredible story of survival. Born missing part of his brain and skull, Parents Brandon and Brittany refused to terminate the pregnancy due to his diagnosis of micro hydranencephaly. The strong tot went on to beat the odds and is living a life filled with love and support from his family.


10 Of The Bravest Children On The Planet

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