Here Are 10 Sure Signs That Your Crush Is Totally Into You

Whenever you’re around that certain someone, your heart starts beating a little bit faster; your palms get sweaty; you can’t quite concentrate on anything but how much you adore them. Although you sometimes wonder what their mixed signals mean, in your heart you know it’s best to hide your feelings until you discover they feel the same way about you.

Crushes. We’ve all had them before and we’ll most likely have them again. Whether it’s the cute guy you always see at your favorite coffee shop or your sister’s pretty bff, sometimes we can’t help who we end up feeling all warm and fuzzy over.

But How Do You Know If Your Crush Feels The Same?

Do you need to actually pass them a note that reads: Do you like me? Check the box yes or no. Let’s hope not.

The Clues To Understanding Your Crush’s Feeling Are Hidden In Their Body Language

Biting one’s lip is a sure sign.

Stolen Glances Is Certainly Another

To spare yourself some humiliation, we’d like to share the video below of 10 signs your crush is totally into you to help you make sense of the one who makes your heart beat faster.

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