12 Bizarre Beauty Hacks That Are So Crazy They Actually Work

Who out there doesn’t love a good life hack to make our lives easier? Whether it’s using a pencil eraser as a temporary earring back or finally figuring out that the hole in your soda can pop top is where your straw goes, everything seems a whole lot easier with these little shortcuts.

And shortcuts are key for beauty product lovers, who devote extra amounts of time to looking fabulous on a daily basis. But what if we could save you some extra time on your daily beauty routine by giving you the gift of 12 awesome beauty hacks?

Amazing, right?

Saving time on daily beauty routines can free us up for other stuff to do, like catch up on our favorite Netflix series or take a much-needed nap to catch up on our beauty sleep.

Take a look at these handy tips and tricks and pat yourself on the back for creating more time in your day for you!

1. Just Two Steps To Flawless Eye Makeup


2. Out Of Shaving Cream? Use Conditioner2

3. Olive Oil Can Be Used To Remove Eye Makeup3

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