These 12 Dog Bios Are So Familiar You’ll Be Wondering If You’re At A Family Reunion

Have you ever seen an animal that reminded you of someone you know? Maybe it was the way they eyeballed your dinner; maybe it was that narrow-eyed stare; heck maybe it was even the way they smother your face with slobbery kisses (Ahem, Aunt Eileen!).

Well you’re definitely not alone in your observations and we’ve got some pretty funny dog bios to prove it! Check out these clever canine profiles and see if you recognize any of your relatives or friends!

Chances are you’ll spot one (or two) of your pals or family members’ cringe-worthy behavior and have a good laugh at their expense!


We bet at least two of her kids love rap!


Poor Phil.


He’s definitely got that Pacific Northwest vibe about him.


None of this surprises us!

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