12 Hilarious Family Photo Fails That Remind Us That Poop Happens

There’s nothing more exciting than having your first family photo shoot with your newest little bundle of joy. Whether you’re planning the most epic holiday card ever or concocting an over-the-top baby announcement, the building anticipation over creating a perfect family photo is palpable, to say the least.

Judging By The Baby’s Smile In The Second Picture, Mission Accomplished

But sometimes, no matter how perfect your hair, makeup or outfit look, things can go awry. You could have the most talented photographer on the planet, but if all your baby wants to do is nap for the two hours you’ve allotted for your photo sesh, then it’s time to accept your fate and go with the flow.

Even The Dog’s Expression Is Funny

For the parents in the photos below, they thought they were going to get some pretty epic family pics – and boy did they ever. Thankfully they all had a great sense of humor about their baby’s bodily functions (and hopefully a spare change of clothes, too!).

Dad’s Reaction Is The Best

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Big Brother Knows What’s Up   

He’ll have a lifetime of pointing out when his little brother screws up.

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