These 12 People Faced The Impossible…And Lived To Tell About It

Stories of survival can go either one of two ways. The first is the long, hard slog, a circumstance in which people pray for death as they slowly make their way back to the living. Those tales are torturous, and leave one wondering how they would match up if found in the same situation.

He Survived Days In The Desert



He Survived A Sniper’s Bullet…In The Head



Then there are the instances of sudden survival. A car careens off a cliff, expelling the driver to safety just as it hits free fall. A hunter stalking his prey runs into a Momma bear and her cubs. He finds a hollow tree just as the big bruin is about to strike. A hail of bullets that just miss the major organs. A bolt of lightning which damages, but does not kill.

She Survived A Deadly Plane Crash



In the video included herein you will find 12 stories of survival that run the gamut. From an accident which left one man with half a skull and brain – literally – to the last living person rescued during the aftermath of 9/11, these intriguing narratives all offer up a similar structures: tragedy strike, and when the smoke clears, they are one of the few left standing.

He Survived The Sinking Of A Ship



And She Was Burned Over 90% Of Her Body



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