Our Planet Is Full Of Unknown Discoveries – Here Are 13 Amazing Ones For Your Consideration

You’d think that with the onset of technology and all the advances we’ve made in said field, we’d have discovered everything about this amazing planet we live on. Not just the obvious things – the archeological ruins and the hidden treasures buried beneath our amber waves of grain and the massive cities we seek as part of our civilization. Even the unusual and unknown have a hard time staying secret or special when there is an entire social media ready to research and react to everything others take for granted. Think your situation is special? So do billions of people all across this planet.

Still, no one can know everything. Even the most memory-laden supercomputer can’t encompass each and everything Earth has to offer. In fact, scholars unearth new information all the time, while archeologists and anthropologists update the food chain almost daily with news or previously unknown species. Below is a video which offers 13 unusual things discovered in the jungle. Only three are something other than animals or insects, while the rest consist of things you probably knew existed but didn’t know the name for. Check them all out.

Here’s A Relic From A Lost City In The Honduran Jungle



Carnivorous plants and fragrant fruits. Unusual bugs and scary pests. This is a mere snapshot of what the Earth has to offer. There are literally hundreds of other mysteries out there – machines that should exist in the era they were discovered, people who’ve never seen civilization, medicines made of natural ingredients…the list goes on and on. And it’s all because we are a more global community than ever before. One discovery is everyone’s. That’s perhaps the biggest revelation of all.

Here’s All 13 Of Them

And Here’s 10 More Unusual Discoveries

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