13 Parenthood Hacks So Totally Bonkers They Actually Work

When you’re a parent, free time seems like a rarity. Most days you start your day at the crack of dawn and collapse into bed, if you’re lucky, before midnight. If you were to have any wish granted by an imaginary genie, most parents would ask for extra time in their day.

But for those of us who live in the real world, there are other ways to create extra time in your day and it’s called parenting hacks. These clever little shortcuts are invaluable and can put more balance back into your life.

For the parents below who decided to go off the beaten path with their hacks, we applaud you for your creativity and practicality! Check out the 13 genius ideas below and see if you can’t squeeze a nap back into your day with that extra 15 minutes you just freed up!


Who’s bananas over this idea?


Does multi-tasking mean three allowances?


Well dad always did say he’d give you the shirt off his back!


A win-win situation for all!