Try Before You Buy: 15 Disastrous Online Prom Dresses That Weren’t What They Seemed

After months of searching and searching for THE perfect prom gown, you’ve finally found your dream dress online! With its intricate beading and dreamy flowing material, you are sure that it’s going to be the talk of the dance. You can’t believe your luck that with a few clicks, it’s about to be yours!

As the days count down to the big moment the package arrives on your doorstep, you can hardly contain your excitement when you open the box to discover…something completely different than what you thought you purchased!

Unable to hide your disappointment, you try on the dress in hopes that somehow it will still look great. But your dreams are dashed once you see your reflection in the mirror wearing a dress that was supposed to make you look like the belle of the ball.

Instead, you look like Cinderella in rags. Surprisingly, this happens way more than you thought and the photos of the girls in the following gallery of disastrous online prom dress purchases prove it!

So buyer beware, when it comes to buying your dream prom dress online, sometimes things really are TOO good to be true!


Such high hopes!


Seeing red after this disastrous purchase!


Definitely not green with envy here.


This dress comes with its own censors.