These 15 Superhero Dads Give Us A Reason To Celebrate Father’s Day EVERY Day!

There have been countless movies made out there about superheroes who save the day – from Batman to Superman to Spider-Man – but it’s the everyday heroes we have at home who truly capture our hearts. We’re talking about dear old dad – the one who drives us to school on time every single day without fail. The one who picks us up and carries us home after that terrible tumble at the playground that gave us a sprained ankle. The one who makes us laugh so hard that milk shoots out of our nose.

Dads give us a shoulder to lean on when we’re not strong enough to go on. They wipe our tears, pat us on the back and cheer us on from the sidelines of life. Although it’s not always possible to capture every little thing they do to rescue us on film, luckily the folks in the gallery below were able to capture some truly remarkable heroic acts of dads everywhere!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s SUPERDAD!

He Has Your Best Interest At Heart


He’ll Do Whatever It Takes To Make The Family Photos Great


Including Being Pooped On


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