No One’s Thanksgiving Is Perfect – Here Are 15 Hilarious Food Fails For The Holiday

It’s here. Halloween has left with all its spooks, ghouls, tricks, and treats intact and now it’s time for the big fat familial celebrations. Between November and December, we get both Thanksgiving and Christmas (and the complementary festivals of other religions) and with them, the delight of getting together with those you love (and can tolerate) and breaking bread – and the budget – together. Of course, this creates performance anxiety. That meal better be flawless, or…well, you have a family. You recall the judgment over that slightly “underdone” bird from four years back.

Well, here are 15 people who won’t be getting their appetite satisfaction security deposit back. In each case, a little less flame and/or heat might have been nice. Or perhaps, they should have paid a bit more attention to the recipe and less to the open bottle of red wine on the counter. We’ve all been there, so don’t try to deny it. Unless you are Martha Stewart (and she’s got several TV show takes to get her perfected portions just right), you’ve had to sub a can of something for that long deflated soufflé, or a panicked call to a local carry out for that side dish that’s more a disaster. See them and weep.

Hey Gang – The Dinner “Roll” Is Done!


What? You’ve Never Had Flambed Sweet Potatoes Before?


This Goose Is Cooked – Overcooked, That Is


Even The Oven Is Nauseous


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