The 15 Things That New Mothers Want Their Friends Without Kids To Know…

When you have your first child, things change. A lot changes, actually. Your body, your schedule, the amount of sleep you get. Your relationships with others will inevitably change. If your best friends do not have children it will be hard for them to understand why things went the way they used to be.

As a new mother you might find yourself struggling to say the things you wish your besties knew. The things that are in no way personal, just the truth.. As the best friend to a new mother, you might feel neglected and as if you have lost your right hand man.

These 15 truths come from the mind and soul of a new mother who just wants her besties to know where she is coming from and that t the end of the day it is still all love, just in a different way!

My Postpartum Body Is Different, I’m Adjusting. Encouragement Is Appreciated


Please Don’t Beg Me For My Pre-Baby Clothes…I’m Going To Get My Body Back!


I Will Always Choose Sleep Over My Social Life…I Am Always Sleep Deprived


I May Be Dreaming Of Taco Night Like The Old Days But Sleep Still Prevails


However, I’m Always Down For Netflix And Snacks


There Is More New Mommy Wisdom Where That Came From