17 Incredible Examples Of Why Dads Are The Ultimate Superheroes

For most of us who grew up with a dad in our lives, he will always be our first hero. The one who helped us learn how to ride a bike. The one who picked us up from our 549th baseball practice and cheered us on from the sidelines. The one who held us close when we were afraid of thunder and lightning.

Our memories of pop’s heroic efforts are part of who we are and we’ll carry on his legacy of love throughout our lives no matter what. Although there weren’t always cameras and video rolling whenever he made us feel safe, rest assured he was always our go-to guy when we needed security.

Dads Are Our First Superheroes

They deserve all the praise we can give them!

How Many Times Has Dear Old Dad Saved The Day?

Talk about mad reflexes!

Most Dads Are Pretty Humble When It Comes To The Awesome Stuff They Do For Us

Not every good deed is captured on film or video, so you’ll just have to take our word for it that our dad rules!

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