After 20 Years Of Not Speaking To His Wife, Husband Finally Breaks His Silence

Marriage has it ups and downs. And when you’ve been in a relationship with someone for an extended period of time, you are bound to have had your fair share of arguments, disagreements and misunderstandings.

And after a cooling off period, married couples are usually able to come around and talk things through or make some sort of amends. But there are those rare exceptions to the rule: people who would rather hold a grudge and stew about things instead of make up with each other.

But for one Japanese couple, Otou Katayama took his grudge to the extreme when he stopped talking to his wife, Yumi, for 20 years. Yes, you read that right – 20 YEARS!

One of their four children, Yoshiki, contacted a television show asking for help to get his parents to talk to each other again. Despite the fact that they still lived together, silence prevailed in the family household. And although Yumi said she had tried to speak to her husband throughout the years, their children said they’ve only heard their father grunt or seen him nod his head in response.

The television show agreed to help out and Otou and Yumi were recorded having a conversation on the very park bench where they had their first date. He thanked her for enduring a lot of hardship throughout the years.

As it turns out, Otou confessed the reason he stopped speaking to his wife for all of these years was because he was jealous of how concerned she was with their children.

Thankfully they are speaking again but what a difficult way to live together for the past 20 years.

For The Past 20 Years, Otou Has Not Even Uttered A Word To His Wife Yumi


Their Son Yoshiki Contacted A TV Show To Help Them Talk To Each Other Again


They Agreed To Meet At The Same Park They Had Their First Date


Otou Confessed To His Wife He Had Been Jealous Of Her Caring For Their Children


It Was An Emotional Time For The Family To See Them Finally Speak Again



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