22 Powerful Photos Of Fathers Meeting Their Newborns For The First Time

There’s something incredibly moving about a photo that captures a person’s raw emotions. For each perfect moment that transpires on film, it also takes a skilled photographer who’s talented enough to anticipate what will happen next.

For the fathers in the images below, each photographer was able to reveal their vulnerabilities, joy, and all-around excitement at welcoming their new child into the world. Through their tears, smiles and looks of concern, we feel as if we are right there beside them in the delivery room.

Hats off to these 22 special dads whose expressions of love and devotion to their partners and children have totally melted our hearts.


This dad was right there by his partner’s side, through two epidurals and several long hours of labor waiting for their newborn daughter to arrive.


This first-time dad was in awe of meeting his daughter.


This new dad was grateful his wife hired a birth photographer.


A truly heart-melting moment captured.


Twelve hours into labor, this thoughtful dad-to-be wipes the tears from his wife’s face.

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