Here Are The 7 Biggest Hidden Dangers to Children Most Parents Don’t Think About

If we could remove natural disasters, crime, and war from the world it would still be a dangerous place.

There are many unseen dangers that we live with on a daily basis that we don’t even think about.

We know every time we get behind the wheel the potential for a crash is present, yet many people throw caution to the wind and take shortcuts when they drive, like speeding up when the light turns yellow or being distracted by their phones.

The same potential dangers are in our homes, too.

People are instructed to check the battery in their smoke detector weekly, but how many people just take the battery out altogether when the incessant beeping begins?

When you’re a parent, these possible hazards are even more hidden. Sure, you know that chemicals need to be kept out the reach of little ones and that electrical outlets should be covered, but have you ever consider any of these seven potential dangers?

Unsecured Furniture


Dressers, cabinets, bookcases, and even TVs pose a hidden risk for small children as they are usually top heavy and can tip over and fall on top of them if they are unsecured.

Thankfully, these pieces of furniture can be attached to the wall and hardware stores also sell anti-tipping brackets to secure them to the wall or the floor.


Electronic Devices


In today’s modern world, technology is inescapable. What parents can avoid, however, is the overexposure their children have to laptops, tablets, and cell phones which reduces the risk for impaired vision, headaches, and dry eyes.

Chances are, your back and neck hurt after a long day sitting at your desk in front of your computer can affect your child in the same way after they’ve been hunched over a tablet for hours.

There is also the risk for online dangers from predators, bullies, scams, and other influences that are not intended for children but seem to find their way onto their radar as well.


Sugar Overload


Believe it or not, it’s not just junk food that has a high content of sugar. Processed foods, juices, and milk adds sugar to your child’s diet which can result in dental problems, obesity in children, and diabetes.

Try to limit your little one’s sugar intake by avoiding artificial and added sugars and make sure you are reading the labels before purchasing a product for the sugar content.


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