8-Year Old Girl Hears Own Voice For First Time After Life Changing Implant

Tamzin Stockdale’s parents never expected their daughter would lose her hearing by the age of four. But after she contracted a rare virus in her mother’s womb, she woke up one day and her hearing was all but gone.

Shortly after, she had a cochlear implant placed which allowed her to regain some of her hearing. But in a terrible twist of fate, the virus returned again and completely wiped out her hearing for a second time.

But through the miracle of modern medicine, Tamzin was blessed with having a second cochlear implant device and for the first time in four years she was able to hear.

In a heartwarming video, Tamzin can be seen pointing to her speech therapist and saying: “I can hear her voice but it sounds like a robot.”

And when she realizes she is finally hearing the sound of her own voice, she cannot contain her excitement.

You just have to see the video for yourself to experience her joy!

Tamzin And Her Baby Brother Kylo


She Lost Her Hearing When She Was Four2

The Virus Returned Again And Stole Her Hearing Away At The Age Of Eight3

But Through Modern Medicine, She Miraculously Got Her Hearing Restored With A Cochlear Implant4

Now She Can Get Back To Doing Her Favorite Things, Like Attending Concerts With Her Mom Kelley5

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