80 Strangers Band Together In Human Chain To Save The Lives Of A Family Swept To Sea

What started out to be a relaxing day at Panama Beach would end up being a terrifying life-or-death experience that a mother of four will never forget. When two of Roberta Ursrey’s sons and the boy’s grandmother Barbara Franz, 67, began to drift further and further out to sea, the desperate mother raced out to rescue her sons.

Roberta Ursrey Became Panicked When Her Family Got Caught Up In A Riptide


But she too got swept further out and needed help. That’s when a group bystanders appeared and raced against the clock to save the frightened family.

That’s When 80 Bystanders Formed A Human Chain To Help


In a beautiful moment that proves humanity wins, a group of 80 strangers banded together to form a human chain in the ocean to prevent the family from drowning. One by one they clasped hands, risking their own lives as the dangerous force of the riptide pushed and pulled people through the water.

Jessica Simmons Shared Her Experience That Day On Facebook

Bystander Jessica Simmons and husband Derek were having a picnic on the beach when they saw what was happening. The trained swimmer dove in immediately with her husband and told the Washington Post:

“To see people from different races and genders come into action to help total strangers is absolutely amazing to see!!

“People who didn’t even know each other went hand in hand in a line, into the water to try and reach them. Pause and just imagine that.”

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