A Cheerleader Was Being Bullied On The Sideline Until A Couple Of Basketball Players Came To Stand Up For Her

Desiree Andrews is not your average cheerleader. She is a bright light filled with positive energy and exceptional school spirit. At a recent basketball game, a few players caught wind of some hateful words being thrown in the young girl’s direction.

What they did next was truly moving. Three players from the team stopped everything to stand up for Desiree and their actions did not go unnoticed! The compassionate team members spoke out against the bullies but their support did not stop there!

Desiree no longer walks alone in the hall of Lincoln Middle School. The teammates and school have even gone as far as dedicating the gymnasium to her. Not only does Desiree now have friends on her side, but she ultimately gained fame and recognition for her exceptionally uplifting personality. Her bright outlook on life as a result of something that started out with negative intention can inspire us all!

This just goes to show that you always get what you put out there and there is nothing but love and good vibes coming to Desiree.

Desiree Andrews Loves Cheering Her Team On!


She’s Got Spirit!


Desiree Has A Team On On Her Side Now!

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