Workers Make A Shocking Discovery – An Abandoned Baby In A Septic Tank

We hear stories like this all the time. A gas station manager walks into his establishment’s bathroom and hears faint cries coming from the corner. Upon investigation, a distraught mother has given birth and left the newborn, alive, over in a corner, wrapped in paper towels.

This Little Baby Was Found Alive


Or how about the hospital workers who step outside the ER for some fresh air, only to find an abandoned child waiting for care. From infants dropped in dumpsters to the prom night surprise, the burden of having a baby can be too much for some, leading to some desperate, and sometimes demented, actions.

He Was Barely Alive, Having Been Dumped In A Septic Tank


Over in Indonesia, locals in the town of Gantar kept hearing faint cries from an old septic tank that they use as a kind of communal dumping ground. They assumed it was just an animal who got lost or accidentally fell in. But when someone decided to investigate, everyone’s worst fears were realized. It was not a stray dog or a cat, but an abandoned baby, complete with rotting placenta nearby. The child had a cut on its head, was badly dehydrated and malnourished, and in desperate need of medical care.

Luckily, The Little One Is Recovering


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