Adorable Little Girl Makes A Pretty Strong Case For Not Doing Her Homework

It’s not every day you run into a child who actually wants to do their homework.

Aside from the really, really dedicated kids who absolutely love everything about school, most kids will put it off as much as they can.


As adults, we know they’re prolonging the inevitable: homework just has to be done. Period.

One way or another, parents and guardians eventually get the child to get it done.


An excuse that’s been around for decades is that the dog ate it, therefore, it can’t be done or turned in.

Obviously, that excuse doesn’t fly! But kids have gotten craftier over the years.


Some parents have a reward system set up: student turns in all their homework, they get a special treat. They don’t turn it in and they are punished one way or another.

Little Aubreigh has a whole new reason not to do her homework and no matter what mom tries, this spunky preschool isn’t budging!

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