After A Near Death Experience A Young Teen Confronts Her Body Image Issues And Vows To Stand Up Against Anorexia!

Christie Swadling is yet another teen girl just trying to fit it. Images of “What’s Hot”, “What’s In” and “What’s Trending” are plastered just about anywhere she looks. From social media to music videos, to runways, billboards and magazine covers, there is a constantly pressure to keep up. Teens suffer from these unnatainable images th emost. As they grow up and try to figurre out who they are, who they want to be and what they believe in there is a constant battle to be accepted along the way.

As a result of the constant flood of media and social pressure to attain absolute “perfection” many young women find themselves obssesed with their image.More than just narcisiom, these habits lead to unhealthy disorders which can at times be life-threatening!

Christie Swadling Admits To Becoming Fixated On Her Figure At The Young Age Of Just 12-Years-Old!


She Began Working Out For Up To 4 Hours A Day In Hopes Of Achieving Her Dream Body..


Swadling Refused To Stop Until She Had A Body Like Her Idol, Miranda Kerr


She Felt So Much Pressure To Achieve The Notorious Thigh Gap That Runway Models Have


But She Didn’t Stop There…As She Became Further And Further Controlled By Her Urge To Be Paper Thin


She Had Become So Controlled By Her Disorder That She Had Lost Friends, Upset Family And Put Her Life At Risk…


But After Ending Up In The Hospital On Her 17th Birthday, Christie Decided It Was Time To Make a Serious lifestyle Change!


Scroll On To Witness Christie’s Incredible Journey To Recovery!