After This 17-Year Old Lost Her Hair As A Result Of Chemotherapy, She Regained Her Confidence In A Whole New Way!

Andrea woke up one day with a pain in her neck. The high school student figured she had slept in n odd position and thought nothing of it. Moments later, in an attempt to massage the sore out of her neck, she discovered a large lump. Doctors diagnosed the teen with stage 2 nodular sclerosis Hodgkin lymphoma.

As most know, treatment for cancer patients is far from a walk in the park. In addition to the detriments of the physical illness that aggressive treatments cause patients, many endure severe hair loss due to the chemotherapy radiation. This side effect can be quite difficult for many men and women to accept and can really wear down on self confidence.

After Andrea’s diagnosis and treatment left her with no remaining tresses, the teen struggled with her new look. Andrea’s mother reached out to photographers and modeling agencies with her daughter’s story and high fashion photographer, Gerardo Garmendia replied with warmth and a vision for the shoot.

The photos below are proof that beauty goes beyond the norm. There is no one way to be stunning. Self-love comes with wisdom and acceptance of the skin you are given. We are all different. We are all beautiful in our own ways and at the end of the day the way you feel on the inside will reflect on the physical. Andrea learned this lesson in hardship and with the kindness and love of her mother and one very generous photographer.

This Young Woman Is Absolutely Vibrant!


Her Eyes Are Like Windows To Her Soul


Andrea Has Learned To Love Herself First And It Shows!


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“Before chemotherapy I had always been a confident person,so when my hair started to fall out I would look in the mirror and I wouldn’t feel that confident about myself”

“Then I realised that I had no reason to be ashamed of the way I looked, I should be proud”



“Cancer doesn’t stop me from being a princess,” she wrote

A Princess Indeed


Can You Say Radiant?!


A Beautifully Orchestrated Shoot


“It’s not only about my outside beauty, it’s about the inside. That’s what really inspired the photoshoot without the wig”

There Is More Radiant Beauty Where That Came From Just One Page Over!

With An Absolutely Stunning Young Woman!



Gerardo Garmendia Isn’t The Only One Shining Light!

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