‘AGT’ Contestant, 13, Loses Father To Cancer Days Before Finals; Mom’s Powerful Message Says It All

A 13-year-old America’s Got Talent contestant from Arizona revealed during her audition the painful battle her beloved father was up against. Evie Clair shared with the judges and audience members her love for her dad Amos Abplanalp and her mission to make him proud in his final days.

“About a year ago, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer,” Evie said tearfully. “They gave him a five [5] percent chance to live…so tonight, I’m here to sing for him.”

Evie Clair, 13, Was Thrilled To Be A Contestant On AGT

During an emotional performance of the song “Arms,” Evie left the judges and audience members speechless. The talented teen then advanced to the next round.

But It Was Bittersweet After She Shared Her Dad’s Painful Battle With Stage 4 Cancer

Evie would often sing the song to her dad during tough times. She considers herself incredibly lucky to have had such a supportive and loving father.

Evie’s Dad Stayed Strong In The Hospital As Best As He Could

All for him! Love you, Daddy!❤️ #AGT

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She included her dad every step of the way and he was thrilled for her accomplishments. Sadly, he passed away before she advanced to the finals.

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