Countless Pets Being Found In Evacuated Florida Homes After Hurricane Irma

There are many sad images that come after a natural disaster. The displaced people who’ve lost everything, tears in their eyes as they look over their lives destroyed. Refugees seeking solace, security, and a sense of normalcy and hoping they will find a friendly face, or a sympathetic ear that will help them in their hour of need. And officials, holding back the tears, as they announce the latest statistics on damage, destruction, and death.

Look At This


But perhaps the most tragic of all are those videos and photos of people’s cats, dogs and other furry friends who had to be left behind during and evacuation, or even more unfortunately, have lost their human host forever. The look in their eyes, the hopeless expressions on their face, the gesturing of need and vulnerability, combined with the circumstances they are in, can only lead to tears…and more tears.

They Were Left Behind During A Natural Disaster


Because of the mixed messages they get from the media, because everybody can’t be accommodated the way they want, because some localities just allow it, many people leave their animals behind as they flee a hurricane. They don’t mean to be cruel or heartless. They just don’t know what to do as the ultimate panic sets in, and as mentioned before, some places don’t allow it. So when Hurricane Irma recently bulldozed its way through the state of Florida, it was not surprising to find animals left behind in abandoned homes and evacuated buildings.

And Their Future Is Uncertain


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