Artist With Anxiety Wants To Help You Take The Edge Off With Her Spot-On Illustrations

For people dealing with anxiety and depression on a daily basis, it’s a constant struggle to stay afloat. Add being an anti-social over-thinker into the mix and it could very well throw you into a tailspin.

Because these disorders are oftentimes invisible, the inner turmoil that takes place within the mind can actually be quite paralyzing. Telling a person with depression to “smile” or “cheer up” isn’t as easy as it sounds. And for someone battling anxiety, remaining calm is more than just a state of mind but rather an active choice to ride out the wave of anxious thoughts that consume everything you do.

For British artist Gemma Correll, these issues are very real. But it’s the way she harnesses her anxiety and depression and transforms it with her humorous illustrations that help others feel as if they aren’t so alone.

Whether her character is dreadfully dodging social invitations or laying awake for hours on end debating if she checked everything off of her to-do list of 87 things, her ability to pinpoint anxiety and depression issues is spot on.

For those of you living with these conditions, take a look at some of Gemma’s best illustrations below and see if you can relate.