Cute As A Button: This Artist Turns Images Of Owners And Their Pets Into Cartoons

Among illustrators and art lovers around the web, Robert De Jesus is a known name. Self-taught, and in love with the look presented by Japanese anime and manga, he approach is both cartoony and complex. He manages to do many things with his simple pen and ink process. First, he finds the inner ‘character’ in his simple subjects. Second, her brings a freshness to their otherwise familiar looks. Finally, he enjoys adding a little sass to his sketches, even when working with everyday animals.

Indeed, a recent project found the artist taking people and their pets and turning them into portraits straight out of a simplified Studio Ghibli studio. The big eyes. The angular designs. The expressive faces. They’re all there. Even with the four footed fur babies on display (and the occasional feathered or scaled friend), De Jesus adds pepper and spice and makes everything nice. Check out this gallery and you too will want to send the man a message and ask for him to immortalize your dog, or cat, or etc. They are very cute and very clever. Enjoy.

Something Looks Tasty


Happy, Happy, Happy!


Who’s That Looking At Us?


Real Men Keep Hedgehogs As Pets


Who Needs A Cat Tree?


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