A Boy With Autism Received A Special Gift From His Favorite Garbage Man

Life is not normal for children on the spectrum. Autism brings with it unique challenges and personal struggles that only those who suffer with it, and those who care for them, completely understand. Even our attempts only tend to confirm our lack of empathy. For many of us, the condition is still a mystery. It has no clear answers and even with detailed reports and visual examples of what it’s like, many of us still don’t “get it.”

Little Daniel Has Autism


But there’s one man out there who does. And he understands it all too well. Every day, Manuel drives through a suburban neighborhood picking up garbage. And every day, on the side of the street, a little boy named Daniel stands and waves. The five-year-old is fascinated by the big truck and it’s mechanical arm that empties the trash. He also enjoys saying “Hi” to his friend Manuel. He wouldn’t miss a day.

And This Is Where He Is Every Day


His family loves to take video of Daniel waving to Manuel. One day, they got an extra special surprise. Yes, the truck pulled up and yes, the truck did it’s job. But then it stopped and parked by their home and Manuel got out. He had something in his hands, and when the family saw what he had done, they couldn’t help but cry tears of joy.

He Has A Very Special Friendship With A Garbage Man Named Manuel


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