From Awkward To Awesome: 15 Stunning Teen Transformations That Will Blow Your Mind

For some, adolescence and the teenage years can be a relatively low key walk in the park. But for most of us, the bridge between childhood and adulthood can be littered with all sorts of challenges. For starters, the hormonal changes we experience can come on all too quickly. Changes in our bodies, our temperaments, and our social circles can also do a 180 on us.

Hormonal surges can trigger problems with acne, weight gain or loss, facial hair growth and any potential mood disorders. But in order to make the transition to adulthood, there’s no easy way around these changes. We just have to go through them and honor them because they are what makes us unique.

For anyone who has ever gone through an “ugly duckling” phase, puberty was an especially awkward time that some probably wish was never documented on film. But yearbooks have an unmistakable way of capturing even the slightest amount of awkwardness and immortalizing it in time forever.

For the self-described “ugly duckling” people in the images below, they are here to tell you that they’re just like the rest of us. And they were able to overcome their puberty years and transform themselves in a way that gives them an awesome amount of self-confidence today.







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