Despite The Fact Their Adopted Daughter Was Born With Only A Brain Stem, These Parents Welcomed Her With Open Hearts

Allison and Josh Of Birmingham Alabama knew that they would have a family. They dreamed of one day having maybe two to three children but years later this beautiful couple has grown to love all seven of their children. The couple had four kids of their own and three adopted children and could not be more happy.

Just when they thought the family was complete Allison was approached about possibly adopting a baby that the mother could not care for. After speaking with their partner, Josh, the two decided that adding another addition to their family was a great idea. They waited and waited and when the call finally came that their new baby boy was n his way, there was a shocking surprise to go along with it.

There was a surprise twin sister being born alongside the bouncing baby boy. The twin sister was however born with just a brain stem. This means that she will never function as a “normal” human but she has more personality that you might think and the whole family is living in the moment and enjoying what time they do have with the now six month old miracle!

How Could Anyone Deny This Face?!


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