Baby Whose Heart Stopped For 15 Hours Defies Odds With Miraculous Survival

Nathan Byrne has defied some of the most incredible odds stacked against him. When his mother Lesley was nine hours deep into labor, the tiny tot’s heart rate dropped dramatically as hospital staff raced to save him. After successfully resuscitating the newborn, it would take four more days until he would be diagnosed with a rare condition called Tetralogy of Fallot.

Nathan Byrne Was Born With A Hole In His Heart

Nathan had a large hole in his heart, narrowed arteries and a multitude of health issues that caused him to have to rely on machines to stay alive. The brave little warrior also fell ill to two respiratory infections that caused him to pass out and turn blue.

He Had To Wait For The Life-Saving Surgery Because He Was To Small

Because he was too young to have the life-saving surgery performed, Nathan had to wait an extended period of time for the procedure, which made his parents Lesley and David incredibly anxious.

But When The Time Came For The Surgery, Nathan Proved He Was The Ultimate Warrior

As doctors worked for hours on the young boy’s heart, machines helped circulate his blood throughout his body to keep him alive. After the surgery, his heart was far too swollen to be placed back into his chest so his chest remained open for a week until the swelling went down.

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