Miracle As Baby Is Dropped From Tenth Floor Of Blazing London Tower Block

When you see the initial photos, you can’t imagine anyone escaping the inferno. Like a scene out of a big budget Hollywood thriller, all there is is fire, smoke, first responders, and chaos. As debris rains down on the people below, the initial thoughts go out toward those stuck inside, scared and unable to escape the heat and coming destruction. Anytime a high rise, or skyscraper, becomes the sight of something horrendous like this, the first question is usually, “What about those trapped inside?” Sadly, the answer is never good.

This Was The Scene Overnight In The UK


As with the events that played out in America on 9/11, there were reports of people leaping from the windows, hoping to avoid becoming a part of the massive fire. In one case, a desperate woman decided to drop a child from a 10th story window, hoping beyond hope that someone below would step up and catch it. Luckily, someone did. A man rushed out of the gathered onlookers and managed to snatch the infant before it hit. It’s being called a miracle by those who witnessed it.

A Massive Residential Complex Was Engulfed In Flames


Adding to the madness was parts of the building itself, large chunks of the exterior impeding any attempts at aid. Others reported other anxious residents “tossing” children out of the blaze, with most reports confirming the kids are all right. But many were not so lucky. So far, six deaths have been confirmed, with untold numbers displaced, injured, or traumatized.

It Was Still Smoldering Into The Morning


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