2 Teen Babysitters Arrested After Putting A Baby In A Refrigerator

It’s time for another addition of “What in the hell are people thinking?” We face them all the time. Usually they involve what we consider to be rational people imbued with a sense of common decency and a knowledge. Still, their action are judged and debated and…here we are again asking that same sad question. From the torturing and tormenting of animals to the same with our fellow human beings, it’s almost as if a psychosis takes over and what normally never would occur happens with all a ridiculous level of regularity.

Babies Need To He Handled With Care


When the mother of an eight-month-old baby wanted to take a shower she thought that leaving her child with her niece and her niece’s friend would be the wise thing to do. After all, if you can’t trust family who can you trust? Well apparently that notion needs to be put aside because, in this case, leaving the infant with her relative resulted in a horrifying case of very bad decision-making.

They Should Never Be Put In Danger


Over the course of 30 minutes, while she was taking care of her grooming and hygiene, the woman’s niece and her friend decided that the best thing they could do was place the child in a refrigerator. They laughed as they open the door grab the crying infant and placed it on one of the shelves. And then they close the door. And then they started laughing. Even as the baby was crying, it’s voice muffled by the door, they continue to enjoy themselves. Eventually they retrieved the child from inside.

And They Should NEVER Be Dealt With Like This


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