Baby With ‘World’s Largest Head’ Has Life-Saving Surgery To Remove 8 Pounds Of Fluids From Skull

Shortly after the birth of their son Mrityunjay, parents Kamalesh and Kavita Das noticed something astonishing about the unusual shape of his head. It appeared to be swollen and as the weeks and months passed on, they realized that they needed to seek help for their sweet son who was suffering from hydrocephalus.

Hydrocephalus is a condition that is the result of extra fluid accumulating in the brain. Sometimes caused by contracting mumps in utero or spina bifida, the condition can result in permanent brain damage if treatment is not sought immediately.

After meeting with Dr. Dilip Parida, of the AIIMS hospital in India, brave seven-month-old Mrityunjay was assessed at having 5.5 liters of fluid pooling up in his skull. He was in so much distress, that he was unable to move from the sheer weight of his head. His parents couldn’t stand to see him suffer and were hurt by the cruel things people in the community said about their cherished son.

Kamalesh said: “People would call our baby a ghost because of his unusual appearance.”

At its largest size, Mrityunjay’s skull measured 96 cm. But after life-changing surgery to remove the fluid from his brain, his skull measured approximately 70 cm. It was reported he lost around eight pounds of fluid after six weeks of treatment.

After a shunt was placed in his skull to remove some of the pressure, he is showing marked signs of progress in his cognitive functioning. Future surgeries are being planned to reshape this brave young warrior’s skull.

Seven-Month-Old Mrityunjay’s Skull Measured 96 CM


He Has The Largest Head In The World


Doctors Performed A Life-Saving Procedure To Help The Baby


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