Save Those Baby Teeth: Experts Say They May Save Your Child’s Life One Day

She (or he, let’s not offer up gender bias, all right?) is one of the big three fantasy figures in a child’s life. Along with Santa Claus (pretty much numero uno) and The Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy is an imaginary character that helps kids cope with the changes they are going through. When a baby incisor is ready to be replaced by an adult version, the lost piece of the mouth becomes a gateway to some treat – perhaps money, or some kind of toy.

It’s A Rite Of Passage


But now doctors are telling parents to be extra careful with these pieces of your children’s past. Apparently, inside all teeth are a wealth of stem cells, and if cared for and stored properly, they can be used and harvested for these highly specialized medical miracles. For those who’ve never run into the concept, a stem cell is very different. I can be used to mimic others in the body. You can grow a new heart with them. You may also be able to cure certain diseases with them.

It Happens To All Of Us


Now, don’t go running to your Mother’s Hope Chest and pull out that little keepsake containing all the teeth you lost as a child. Stem cells decay over time, their usefulness becoming less and less viable. So special care has to be taken in order to preserve these items. It’s like Moms who save the umbilical cord blood for such potential future needs, and we’re sure it’s not lying around in some suburban medicine cabinet.

Now Dentists Want You To Save Your Child’s Baby Teeth


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