The Courts Said ‘Pull The Plug’ But This Father Had Faith In His Comatose Child

It’s the most difficult decision anyone can make. Be it family member of legal guardian, partner or longtime loved one, deciding when to end it all for someone you care about is never, ever easy. Court cases have been fought over it. Political positions have been taken pro and con. It’s divided relatives and reduced many in the main position into a ball of unplanned insecurity.

What Would You Do When Faced With Such A Decision?



Could You Pull The Plug On A Loved One



What if I’m doing the wrong thing? What if I am just prolonging the inevitable? Are they in pain? Do they know what’s going on? What would they want? And is what they want right? Outside of certain specific legal documents, these are some of the questions a person faces when they are trying to figure out what to do – continue life support, or pull the plug?

French Courts Wanted This Father To Do Just That



These are indeed the kind of soul searching inquiries the parents of little Marwa faced. Immigrants from Albania, they couldn’t imagine finding themselves in such a predicament. Yet there they were, daughter in hand, as they entered a French hospital. Within days, Marwa was placed in a medically induced coma so she could battle an infection. Sadly, she showed little signs of improvement. That’s when the courts got involved. They gave Marwa two months before the plug would be pulled.

Then Something Happened…



Something Miraculous!



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