This Beauty Blogger Doesn’t Let Her Disability Get In The Way Of Her Dreams

It’s one of the biggest misconceptions, a fallacy that people with disabilities or other special needs must constantly fight against. While they may have been born with a condition or syndrome which requires constant care, or limits their mobility, or restricts their speech, doesn’t mean they are mentally slow. Take someone like Stephen Hawking. He is one of our most brilliant scientists and yet amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) has paralyzed him. His brain still works – quite well, thank you – even if his body doesn’t.

Her Name Is Tess Daly


It’s the same for someone like Tess Daly. She’s a beauty blogger with thousands of followers and her makeup tips and tutorials are coveted by those looking to change their cosmetic game. Companies seek out her reviews and she frequently travels to showcase her special skills. Oh, and did we mention that Tess is differently abled? She has SMA, also known as spinal muscular atrophy, which robs her of her strength. She cannot walk, eat, or even breathe on her own.

And She’s Known For Her Beauty Tips And Expertise


But this hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dreams. It also gives her access to an audience who can find meaning in her message. As Tess herself says:

“Being disabled shouldn’t stop you being fashionable and sexy, I really feel like times are changing and I’m determined to continue to pave the way for more disabled people to put themselves forward for a career in modeling”

She Doesn’t Let Her Condition Hold Her Back


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