Because Of A Very Rare Condition, This Woman Is Turning Into A Human Statue

For those of us of a certain age, time is not being tolerant of our needs. Every day we wake up feeling tired and dragged out, our bodies aching and groaning from years of use and abuse. We count each moment without pain as a blessing, each hour minus some kind of misery as a good one. But for Ashley Kurpiel, none of this is possible. That’s because this brave woman is not battling maturity, but something much rarer.

This Is Ashley Kurpiel



And This Is What’s Happening To Her Body


Ashley has FibrodysplasiaOssificansProgressiva, or FOP for short. It’s a genetic disorder that only affects about 800 people a year worldwide. She is one of 300 known in the US. FOP’s main symptom is a severe one. It turns muscle into bone. Yes, you read that right – Ashley’s entire body is slowly seizing up on her. She’s already lost an arm to the condition.

Though She Suffers With FOP, She Doesn’t Let That Stop Her



That doesn’t mean she’s giving up. Ashley even jokes that she’s becoming a “human statue” and is resolved to life the best life she can. That doesn’t mean she is completely independent. In fact, she requires constant care, and as her body rebels, she suffers from less and less mobility.

She Enjoys A Full Life



And She’s Even Met The Dalai Lama



Yes, Ashley Continues To Fight – Continue On To See Her In Action