He Came Into The Store Each Day, So These Best Buy Employees Did This For Him

It’s that time of the year again. A time of lists…gifts vs. cards, naughty vs. nice. A time of tidings – glad, peace on Earth, goodwill toward me, etc. A time of accounting…for yourself, for your friends and family, and even for others. It’s all commercialized and such, but there is one way you can battle the materialism, and it all goes back to a familiar famous saying.

Best Buy Is A Leading Holiday Retail Outlet



They Specialize In Electronics


It’s something the staff of a New York Best Buy understand all too well. Ever since the ghouls gave up the ghost on Nov. 1, retailers like them have been pushing the Christmas season like someone may not remember that December 25th is coming. It’s all about deals and door specials, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

And Have A Friendly And Knowledgeable Staff



But when these employees saw the same kid coming into their store every day to play the Nintendo WiiU on display, they just had to do something. It was a small gesture, easily digestible when done by the group, but it meant so much to one boy, and we bet once you see it, you’ll feel the spirit of the season with all its joy to the world.

The Video Game Section Is Very Popular



And Something Special Came Out Of This One



What Did They Do? Continue On…The Video Explains It All