She Received The Most Generous Birthday Gift Ever – Now It’s Time To Return The Favor

It’s been a tough couple of weeks in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. After a rescue group discovered a mange-infested puppy on a local breeder’s farm, the community of Dillsburg came together to seek justice. The dog, named Libre, was found nearly hairless and unable to walk due his illness. An investigation followed the rescue of the animal, and vets found clear evidence of demodectic mange. Mange itself is a skin disease caused by mites, often afflicting young dogs without a fully functioning immune system.

Without an owner to care for him, Libre was relinquished to the Lancaster County SPCA to have his disease managed. The medical bills however, began stacking up as the puppy rejected treatment again and again. Vets have since been working around the clock to bring the little pup back from near death, but it’s not just the SPCA who is concerned for Libre.

Libre On The Mend

pup recovers

Liberty Miller recently turned 11, having $250 given to her as a birthday present. Instead of using the money for herself though, she decided there were better uses for it. Liberty donated all $250 to the recovery of little Libre, who is now able to lift his head and eat normally for the first time in weeks. The young girl explained that the gesture was something that needed to be done.

“I feel happy. Very, very, very happy. He needed a lot of help and I knew it would help him a lot.”

Doctor Ivan Pryor, the man tasked with Libre’s care and recovery, says he was overwhelmed by the support from such a clearly caring and empathetic individual.

“I didn’t know Liberty before this, but I’m just really proud of her.”

Meanwhile, charges will not be pressed against the breeder of Libre. The breeder had already began taking steps to heal the pup, however the treatments continued to fail. Now hundreds are protesting the decision, citing negligence on the part of the breeder.

However, the SPCA has confirmed that there was no foul intentions at play here. Just a mother dog who passed the bugs on to her offspring during a vulnerable period, and a little girl who wanted to see things through.