When Blind People Describe Their Loved Ones To A Clay Sculptor, The Results Are Magical!

The gift of sight is a blessing for most that is sometimes taken for granted. But for these three visually impaired individuals, it’s their perceptions of their loved ones by way of touch that helps them envision who they truly are.

When Jeff, Marty and Camille recently met with clay sculptor Pam to describe their nearest and dearest, she was able to extract descriptions of their physical details in stunningly similar results.

Each one spoke of the challenges they faced without their sight.

“I kind of live in a Monet world where everything is sort of impressionistic,” said Jeff.

Marty, who is completely blind, said she missed seeing the boundless energy of her children. When the topic turned to things they were glad they weren’t able to see, Camille said she was grateful for not being able to see the pain on people’s faces. “I feel it though,” she said.

Pam asked each blind person to inspect the finished works of art to see if they felt right. Despite a few minor details, most agreed the sculptures were spot on. When the sculptures were revealed to their loved ones, each person was blown away by the strikingly similar results.

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