Born With A Rare Deformity, This Young Woman Has Been Bullied Her Whole Life But She Will No Longer Succumb To The Hate!

Breanna Mendoza has lived a life much different than most. The now middle school student was born with a rare condition called Goldenhar Syndrome causing deformities in her face. One can imagine it must be hard to deal with such a condition but in a world dominated by social media and image, there is no denying the struggle that comes along with not fitting the norm in 2016.

In addition to being bullied at school, Breanna has been showered with hateful messages and distasteful name-calling on the Internet, too. The amount of bullying that the young woman has had to endure in her lifetime is not only unfair but heartbreaking. In an interview with ABC News, Breanna confessed to reaching a breaking point very early on saying:

“I was in second or first grade and I thought about just going into the street and just going in front of a bus. See what happens when you bully [people] to such a point? I want to prove to people that this is wrong and it does hurt,” she said.

Recently, Breanna and her whole family were approached and given wonderful opportunity to take a much needed vacation together, all expenses paid. In addition to the relaxing getaway, Breanna was given a confidence boosting makeover, accentuating her best physical features and a photo shoot to go along with it. Thanks to the generosity of Blush Beauty and Salon Bellissimo, and Heather Marshall Photography this young lady is feeling better than ever and standing up for herself and others!

Breanna Mendoza Has Been Bullied Her Whole Life


Now She Is Feeling Confident And Standing Up For Herself!


This Makeover And Photoshoot Was Just The Remedy!


Beauty Is More Than Physical But Sometimes It Helps To Feel Pretty


Her Smile Says It All!


Her Confidence Is Radiant!


What An Opportunity This Family Was Given!


Breanna Is Sassy And Stylish!


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This Young Woman Is A Light In So Many Eyes!



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