Boy, 3, Disappears Into A Cornfield; 20 Hours Later Volunteer Discovers Leg

It’s the nightmare scenario that no parent ever wants to experience: losing a child. One minute you have your eye on them, the next minute, they’ve disappeared.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, three-year-old Dyton Logalbo was playing in his backyard while his mother was gardening when she looked up and saw him disappear into the cornfield behind their yard. Within seconds, he was gone. She called out to him in the cornfield over and over but he didn’t respond.

Dyton Logalbo Went Missing One Saturday Afternoon

In a panic she called the sheriff’s office and they sent out a search team, including a helicopter and rescue dogs, immediately. An army of 600 volunteers combed through 100 acres of cornfield all throughout the night.

One Minute He Was Playing In His Backyard, The Next Minute He Was Gone

Nearly 24 hours later, volunteer Tom Andraschko stumbled upon what appeared to be a leg poking out. As they got closer, they could see it was the little boy sitting cross-legged among the rows of corn.

His Mother Saw Him Disappear Into A Neighboring Cornfield


Sheriff Bill Greening told Inside Edition the boy was cold, scared and wet, “but overall, he was in good health.” After a quick trip to the ER, Dyton was given a clean bill of health and back in the loving arms of his relieved family.