The Reason This Airline Kicked A Disabled Boy And His Service Dog Off A Plane Will Stun You

Sometimes, medicines can’t help. No matter the scientific protocol followed, doctor’s research and recommendations, and other inhibiting factors, not every pill is capable of curing every illness. Sometimes, alternatives have to be sought out and tried. Without them, we might not have any advancement. Even the Chinese have stayed with their traditional herbal remedy roots while embracing the future.

Service Dogs Are Important To Their Owners



But One Airline Apparently Doesn’t Think So



That’s one of the ways the idea of service dogs was born. At first only the blind and those who were (and are) visually impaired were allowed access to the specially trained animals. Now, more and more individuals are finding that a service or comfort canine or some other kind of specially aware creature can be of huge benefit to a suffering adult or child.

This Is Bryant



In the case of 12-year-old Bryant Weasel, his epilepsy was so severe that he required the help of a comfort animal – a dog whose name is Chug. The pup, a Labradoodle, is huge, weighing in at nearly 110 pounds, but he is gentle and loving when it comes to its charge. So it makes sense that when the family travels the dog goes with them. It also makes sense that airlines and other transportation entities have to make certain accommodation and restrictions when it comes to such situations.

And This Is Chug



Coming Home From Vacation, This Happened To Them



So What Happened This Time Around? Continue On And Be Ready For A Shock