He Takes His Sister To A High School Formal – The Reason Will Break Your Heart

It’s a comic cliché that TV and movies can’t get enough of. Some poor sap who is viewed as a loser and definitely not a ladies’ man ends up having to find a date for the end-of-the-year dance and the only person available is a family member. Usually the mother, or sister or another female relative is the stand in. We are supposed to laugh at this choice, confirming in our minds that this particular individual has no game.

This Is Rebekah



She’s Getting Ready For Her First School Dance



So what if I was to tell you that a boy actually did ask his sister to a school dance…on purpose. That’s right, no scripted set up no laugh track-inspired decisions. Just a sweet gesture on behalf of a child who may never ever see her freshman own year.

She’s Going With Her Brother



You see, for his first formal dance, 15-year-old A.J. Spader decided that instead of asking a fellow classmate to the O’Gorham High School Winter dance, he would take his 10-year-old sister Rebekah. And once you discover the reason and learn all the facts of the situation, the decision on A.J.’s part will bring you to tears.

The Whole Family Couldn’t Be Happier



But The Real Reason For The Invite Is Sad



Why? Continue On To Find Out