Mom Is Shocked To See Son Covered In Bites After Coming Home From Day Care

For a parent, it’s one of those “next phase” worries. After all the previous trials and tribulations that have come from birth to the preparation for adulthood, children require a lot of attention and care. Sadly, the days are long gone when a parent can stay home and maintain that vigil. Now, with mom and dad out earning the green to make sure all other needs are met, more and more are relying on day care to fill in for such MIA guardianship.

Many Of Us Rely On Daycare To Help With Our Kids


It’s a daunting task, requiring a well regulated and reliable agency. More times than not, that is exactly what you get. It’s not the same as Granny or a nanny watching over the brood, but it beats the other options. Sure, we hear horror stories about this or that, but we never think they will happen to our kids. We are careful. We did our research. We’re sure our son or daughter will never find themselves in the local – or dare we say, national – headlines.

Most Assume All Facilities Are Safe And Well-Maintained


So when Aubrey Bridges picked up her son Mason from daycare at Childcare Network in Burlington, North Carolina, she could have never imagined what she would find next. The boy seemed to be covered in marks. Scabs. Bites of some kind. And not just one or two. In the end, Aubrey counted 14, and her four-year-old was having a horrible reaction to them. She had to take him to the local ER to be treated for a severe allergic reaction. Something was up and she had to find out what it was.

Aubrey Bridges Learned Different Recently


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