This Little Boy Cannot Eat – In Fact, Most Food Will Kill Him

It’s the year 2016 and we like to think that almost all medical mysteries are solvable. Technology can do amazing things. We can use a 3-D printer to create maps and surgical strategies for the human body. You can also form models for organs and missing bone. Drug companies are coming out with more and more advanced pharmaceuticals and doctors are learning trials and techniques that would have seemed like science fiction 50 years ago.

This Is Elliott



He Spends A Lot Of Time In The Hospital



But sometimes nature throws us a curve ball and all we can do is sit back and wonder how we are supposed to respond to it. In the case of little Elliott Carter, time is of the essence. This is a boy who cannot eat. No it’s not a question of a psychological disorder or some sort of mental block. Instead this child has two very rare genetic anomalies – Mass Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) – that do not allow him to process food. Period.

His Family Is Hoping For A Miracle



Currently, Elliott exists on soy or dairy-free breast milk and the occasional ice chip as a treat. Go back and read that again. All he can consume is artificial breast milk and ice. His parents are frantic and so far doctors have been flummoxed by his condition. They’ve never seen anything like it, and all attempts at treatment so far have failed.

They Have Spent Holidays Praying For Some Kind Of Treatment



And The Boy Is Also Receiving Recognition From Around The World



The Carters Are Asking For Help – Continue On To See What They Need