These Precious Pics Of A Boy And His Dog Are #BFFGoals

Portland pals Buddy, 3, and his labradoodle, Reagan, are such great friends that Buddy’s foster grandmother decided to capture their special moments in a series of precious photos. From visiting the park together to trick-or-treating to snuggling up for a cuddle session, the everyday intimate moments of a boy and his dog have captured the hearts of the Internet.

Over the years, Buddy’s foster grandmother, Sandi Swiridoff, began taking photos of them and posting them on Instagram. It wasn’t long before people began to take notice and fall in love with the cute duo.

“The touching, true story of Reagan and Little Buddy needed to be told. I couldn’t keep all the adorableness to myself,” Sandi said to the Daily Mail.

Sandi and husband Eric adopted Reagan when he was just a wee little two-month-old puppy as a way to help their daughter cope with having to give up two foster children under her care. When 11-month-old Buddy entered their lives, Reagan took an instant liking to him and their bond flourished.

After nearly two years, Sandi had accumulated so many photos that she felt inspired to create a book with all of Buddy and Reagan’s moments together. The best part of all? Profits from the book will go to a foster family charity called Foster Parents Night Out.

This Is Buddy And Reagan


Buddy’s Foster Grandmother Has Been Taking Their Photos Together For A Few Years Now


The Darling Duo Do Everything Together


They Cuddle


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